10 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Mom

I laugh that this is the blog post I planned to write today. Today of all days. I sat down at 7:10 am to start this blog and 5 mins later my little one woke up. Since then it has been a morning of whining babies and almost threenagers pretending they don’t know the word “listen.”

Before we start into the things I have learned, let’s back up 4 years. 4 years ago I would get up at 5:30 a.m. to go workout. My house was always tidy, I vacuumed weekly, dusted before anything got really dusty. My weekends were planned 2 months in advance. If you looked up Type A personality my name would be in the definition.

Meet me today, and you would have no idea that was what I used to be like.

  • 1) Messy hair, don't care

    I have never been a girly girl, but I did usually straighten my hair. On date nights, I would spend an hour curling my hair with my iron. Now I throw my hair in a messy bun (by messy I mean disastrous) as I go feed my little one when he wakes up. It will often be noon and I haven’t even looked at myself in the mirror. Does it bother me? Not any more! And besides, my son has yet to comment on my hair do!

    2) Messy house, kinda don’t care

    This has been a tough lesson to learn for me. I appreciate a clean house, but with a baby and a toddler I have come to accept this is not my reality. If I were to keep the floor free of my husbands clothes, baby toys, coats, blankets, crumbs, t then suppers would never end up on the table because let’s be honest: that is a full time job!

    And if you’re like me, those times you actually do clean it all up, an hour later you would never know otherwise!

    This sign I made a year ago explains it perfectly! 

    3) Hot coffee is a thing of the past

    I have to be honest, that is one perk I found working last year is that I got to enjoy my coffee hot! My husband laughs at me as I am a quarter of the way through my cup when he finishes his. Why? I never sit! There is always someone to help and something to do.

    Thank goodness for microwaves! It may not quite be the same, but it’s a good second!

    4) It’s okay for dishes to sit.

    In my past life, the dishes were done after every meal! In this house the dishes pile up as fast as the laundry does!

    The other day I had the perfect chance to do the dishes up before supper time, when my son came along asking me to play outside. You guessed it! The dishes sat and I had the time of my life outside shoveling snow and loading it into the dump truck. The joy I got from that time with my son, the dishes just couldn’t compare!

    5) It’s okay to break the routine

    My toddler naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon and my youngest until recently would nap every 2 hrs. On top of that my youngest doesn’t like to sleep when we are away.

    If I wanted to stick to their routines 24/7 that would mean I would never get to leave the house. Is that good for my sanity? NO!

    It is OKAY to miss a nap because of a birthday party. It is OKAY to have a late night because Grandpa and Grandma are visiting. Why? Because kids are resilient!

    I am not saying routines aren’t important because they are. What I am saying is there is a balance!

    6) Me time is a must

    I took this time for granted before I had kids! I was a teacher so during my day I invested my whole into those little kiddies, but when I left work I had rest of the day go to as I pleased, whether it was reading a book or taking a bath or going to the gym.

    I always joke about not having me time, but I believe me time comes in so many forms. Today me time is writing up this blog. Yesterday it was filling in my planner for the week. (Okay maybe I still have  a little of my Type A personality left!)

    The to do list is endless, so I have learned that it is okay to leave something on the to do list to ensure that I get a little time doing something I enjoy!

    7) Sleep is for the weak...it is okay to be weak

    This has been a hard lesson for me to learn. I love that time I have in the evening to work on signs, watch hockey, joke around with my hubby. I love it so much that I am always tempted to stay up late.

    What I have found that on days my children are awful, it comes down to me being too tired, irritable and lacking patience.

    Kids are just kids and on days that I am rested I seem to understand this alot better.

    8) It is hard being a SAHM

    I have always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom. What I didn’t realize was how much work that actually is!

    I found a blog the other day that explains it way better than I could!


    9) It is hard being a working mom

    There seems to be some misconception between working moms and SAHMs as to who has it the hardest.

    All I can say is Kudos to any working mom out there. Last year I was working and would upon arriving home, there was always the struggle: do you enjoy some time with your kid, or start supper or try to tackle that looming to do list.

    My conclusion whether you stay at home, or whether you work, you are all super women!

    10) No matter how bad you screw up, your kid will still love you

    Perfect Mom: The title we always are aiming to reach. I tried hard with my first kid, and never attained. Bring on another kid and I’ve just given up on trying for that title.

    Yes I am the mom that feeds my baby puffs upon puffs to just keep him from yelling until we have gotten through supper.

    Yes I am that mom that hides in the bathroom to get a few minutes to myself to regain my sanity.

    Yes I am that mom that will hide in the pantry to sneak a snack I don’t want my toddler asking for.

    Yes I am that mom that says things I regret sometimes when I get upset. But do you know what? 5 minutes later my son comes and cheerfully asks me to play hockey like nothing ever happened.

    I can guarantee that any mom reading this is doing their very best! We may not be the “perfect” mom, but we sure are “the perfect one” for our children!


    Being a mom isn't all about giggles, and fun. It is challenging too, but at the end of the day would any of us trade our old life back for the one we have now? I bet your answer is no! 

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