A Woodlands Nursery

Baby #2's nursery is finally complete! ...It only took 6 months. (insert eye roll here) Just to give you an idea of my personality, my first babe's nursery was complete at 25 weeks! My husband laughed at me, but I really wanted to be sure if anything happened that the room was ready! Life with two kids has taken a toll on my Type A personality and much to my dismay, I've had to let some things slide.

Now that the nursery is complete I want to give you a little tour as there are a few gems I acquired from other small businesses that deserve to be recognized. So grad yourself a coffee (decaf, or tea..I won't judge) and let's get started! 

First stop...the map (inspiration):

One of my husband's passions is snowmobiling. Every winter he would head out to the mountains for a few adventures on his "sled". One of my passions is snowboarding! So you can probably guess that we love the mountains! I was so lucky to have a friend of mine make this adorable mobile! 

Next stop: Touches of Nature 

After many readjustments and advice from my girlfriends, this wall display is complete! I will give you a tip to save holes in your walls. Use paper to trace all of the items you would like to display. Then place the papers on the wall where you think you'd like them displayed. You can readjust as many times as you wish and then finally mark it with a pencil! It's been a lifesaver for me! 


Wildlife tracks - This beautiful piece I bought from @freckledandfair. She is the talented lady that created my business logo!

Twin Peaks shelf- Not only is this shelf aesthetically pleasing, but it is so practical! I keep my "monster spray" from @wildgreengoddess which I use as part of my naptime/bedtime routine. An extra soother for the middle-of-the-night -events has saved me much frustration. An adorable wood burned tree cookie from my talented sister in law @prairie.trail.pyrography. 

Here is a better look at the "Adventure" tree cookie.

Little Explorer sign : This sign I created to feature the mountains again! I love the rustic feel from the wood against the black background!

It is listed in the shop. 

Next stop: The rest stop! 

You know when you have been winding around the mountains and you really need a bathroom? Here I present you the nursery rest stop! It's way more luxurious than the rest stops along side the highway. The piece I would like to feature is the change pad cover. I searched long and hard on Etsy before deciding on this one from @tarascozycreations. It is made from minky so it is the softest thing to change babe on! I've washed it a few times already and it comes out looking like new every time! 

Last stop: The Hotel

Here is a look at it from a distance. Here you see the perfect little lovey blanket for little babe! It's got the cutest woodland print along with a minky backing, a wood ring to hold onto or chew and a little taggy! @prairiebabybydesigns created this custom blanket for me! 


Are you needed some pieces to add the perfect touch to your baby's nursery? Contact me with your ideas and I will work my magic! 

What is your favourite nursery theme currently?



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