Anniversary/Wedding gift ideas

If you are a mama you will appreciate my next sentence (And if you're not yet a mama, some day I bet you'll appreciate this) I currently have two boys napping, my decaf is perking in my french press, my feet are up and my Google Play Music is playing the "Getting Things Done" playlist...well and its Friday! Does it get any better than that? 

With Spring fast approaching on the calendar (but not so much outdoors), I get thinking about an upcoming wedding anniversary. 

I got married on April 18th, 2014 and I REALLY wanted an outdoor wedding. The week prior, it was beautiful sunny days with like 15C temps and the night before our wedding it snowed all night. So while I was enjoying my coffee getting my hair done that morning, a crew of I still don't know who, cleared the snow out of our venue! Would other people have changed this day? I'm sure they would, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! 


Looking at these pictures still give me butterflies and get me teary eyed. And if you want a laugh, I was holding my bouquet upside down here. HAHA can you tell I am a big flower girl? 

This barn behind us is where we got married. Is it not gorgeous? 

If you are local to Lloyd, check out Setters Impressions Photography! 

Over the last few years I have done several anniversary and wedding gifts and so I decided this year I am going to create a special piece for my husband. Our rings have "Love you long time" engraved on the inside, so this is what I have decided to incorporate into the sign. Follow along on my feed and you will know when I post it. But first I need to start it ha! 

For now I would like to share with you a few ideas I have already created for others. Enjoy the visit! 


The sign on the left was actually a Christmas gift, but I thought it would be such a beautiful wedding gift. The one on the right was made as a wedding gift. 







These two were also wedding gifts. The left was made on barn board for my cousin. I bet you wouldn't be surprised to learn she rode in on a horse! 

This one was also just a custom order from someone, but I thought it would be such a cool gift for someone's front entryway or even for their porch. 

This one was made specially for someone's anniversary and after I hung it here, I felt like keeping it for myself. 


I saved my two favourites for last!


Most of these are not listed in my shop, but if you have an anniversary or wedding coming and you'd like to order just email me at and for making it this far I will give you a special blog discount! 

To close out I will leave you with one thing I have learned in 4 years (almost) of marriage: When you feel like complaining about your significant other, first stop and think of 5 things you love about them. I have found this makes me feel like the thing I wanted to complain about wasn't that big of a deal anyways! 

On that note, I will sign off, still drinking my decaf and listening to my playlist while my boys nap. Maybe that may not seem like a big deal, but my youngest doesn't nap this is a BIG deal for me! 

Have a GREAT weekend! 



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  • That’s a good way to think. I need to try out the 5 things you love!

    Almost 7 years for us March 28/11. Our trip to Jamaica is a memory lane of the culture in Jamaica and where we started as mr & Mrs

    Amanda D

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