Small Business Feature: Kicksaroo

One thing I have loved about the small business world is mamas supporting mamas. Some people may think I am crazy buying from a small business, when you could go down to the local Walmart and buy a shirt for 3$. Why? I love the personal relationship that I build with these women who are working late into the nights, or squeezing in some time after their full time job to create these items. I love knowing that my money is supporting their families and their dreams. I love knowing that the item isn't made in a sweat shop. And more than anything I know that these clothes will last long beyond my first child. From time to time I will do a feature post to highlight different small businesses I adore. 


First to clear the air, NO I have not been asked by any of the businesses I feature to blog about them and NO I am not making up a single thing I share. 



For my first small business feature I have chosen Kicksaroo. Gajing found me on Instagram almost 2 years ago now. I had dived into "repping" with my first son and I was lucky enough that she found me. Originally she wanted me to try out a pair of her "kicks" to test out how the sole lasts for a child who is learning to walk. My son was just at that stage and so I was game to try them out. 


Did they last? Well, to answer that question I can tell you I have them packed away waiting for Mr. W to fit into them, and you wouldn't know they aren't new.

They are soft soled, but the bottoms are quite rough, so for a little boy learning to walk they were the perfect amount of grip. We wore them inside, we wore them outside. If we used them outside, I would just throw them in my washing machine and they would come out looking clean as ever. Who doesn't want a shoe that you can throw in the machine? 

The other benefit to Kicksaroo boots is that they come with an interior elastic around the ankle as well as a velcro pull over strap. I'm sure as you can guess these boots don't come off. If you are like me the one pet peeve I have about baby shoes is they all fall off. I always seem to have one shoe in the living room and I am off searching the house as to where it's pair ended up. 


Just recently we got her newest line of boots called the "Nylon Riley". These are a two layered boot for the winter. There is a nylon shell and a sherpa interior. They are even water resistant! We have taken the boys to the park when its been -10 and Mr. W's feet are still toasty warm when we get back home. 


Yes Gajing produces quality items but beyond that she has got a heart of gold. 

My chai is gone and my son is getting cranky, so I guess that means its time to sign off! 

If you do choose to try out Kicksaroo, use code MAVWAY to get them at a discounted price. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook, or you can access her website


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