What's Next for Willow and Grow

It is hard to believe that fall will be shortly upon us! Many little ones are getting excited for their first day of school. Many adults are probably sad summer is nearing a close and for me it means back to work! But hey that just means Pumpkin Spice Lattes are around the corner! I found a great healthy version I will be sharing with you when that time comes around!

As you maybe read in my last blog post, by trade I am a teacher. As much as my dream is to make this my full time hustle someday, for now it will just have to be my side hustle. Willow and Grow will remain open, however the way in which it works will be different.

Starting today, I will only be selling ready to ship items. I will aim at doing releases every two weeks. I will be sure to advertise the release information in advance so you can be ready if you do want to place an order.  What I aim to release at each opening, are seasonal and home decor signs, growth rulers and shelves. Growth rulers will be released as basic rulers, but when buying you will have the option to customize with a name or saying. Any wedding/baby items I release will also have minor customizations allowed such as wedding date, baby name or birth date.

I know how much you all love your custom orders, so every month I will open up 5 customs spots. These will be claimed by contacting me on my Instagram or Facebook pages or by emailing me. Once these 5 custom orders are claimed, I will no longer take custom orders until the following month. If certain months I find I can take more custom orders I will be sure to notify you, but for now we will stick with 5!

Don't want to miss out on the custom spots and new releases? Be sure to subscribe to my newsletters and join my VIP page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/964876947000391/?ref=bookmarks as those special people always get first dibs! 

As for what is coming next in products take a sneak peak at a few items I will be adding to the shop soon!




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